In Loving Memory of Shirley


親愛的老婆大人 | 中文 | “My beloved wife”

你對我們是多麼的仁慈, 包容, 忍讓和慷慨
YIU Ka Lai Kelly

Clara Lai


Janice Ko, Shirley's sister

Fred Ko, Shirley's Brother

“She will definitely be remembered forever in our hearts”
Sunny, Pauline, Erwin & Jenny

Johnson's mom

In Loving Memory of our beloved Shirley
Johnson’s sister, Ada Leung

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Shirley
Johnson’s sister, Alice Leung

“A cheerful, thoughtful, considerate, generous, and caring young lady”
Stephen Lau and family

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Shirley
Grace Pang

“She will be always in our minds”
Clara and David Tong

“Our thoughts are with you and we are always here for you”
Fred Leung

Heartfelt eulogy for Dear Shirley

“Shirley came across as the very model of a perfect wife and
a great mother in the most traditional sense of the Chinese culture”

C. K. Wong

“Wherever there is Shirley, there’s no sadness or boredom”
Michelle Tam

Wilson Tam

“I will always remember you, especially your hospitality,
great cooking, and traveling experience”

Beili Yang

“We recall how she lit up,
the moment we start to talk about the baby”

Sharon & Frank


“Shirley’s grace is always with us”
David Lee

“She had inspired me in many ways”

“We love you, and we will deeply miss you”
Kai Lee

Caesar & Lisa

“Thank you for being a loving and caring Aunt”
Diane George

“How careful and attentive she was”
Isabella & Edward

“We will all miss you very much”
Horace Ng

“A beautiful, photogenic woman who combines the
worldly experience and ambition of a career-minded professional
with the virtue of a traditional family-oriented
girlfriend and wife of Johnson”

Rebecca and Garry Chan

“You have made a difference to my life and touched many others”
Alex Chan

“Her smile, her laugh, and her cheerful demeanor will remain in our heart”
Raymond K Chan

“May God take you under his wing of love, peace and happiness”
Lan Family

“She lives in our minds and lives in our hearts”

“We remember Shirley by how she touched each of our lives”
Caroline Gan

Choi B (Classmate in HK - B仔蔡偉傑)

“We love you and miss you always”

“Remember difficult time will past”

“Keep our hearts open to love,
open to accept the precious gifts that life has to offer each of us”

Sam Ely

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