In Loving Memory of Shirley

In Loving Memory of our beloved Shirley

It was just like something that happened yesterday. About 13 years ago, I remembered I went shopping with my brother at Yorkdale mall in Toronto to shop for a Xmas gift to Shirley. At that time, she wasn’t his girl friend yet. This was the first time that he bought her a gift. A few months afterwards, Shirley became his girl friend.

Those were the days we were in our twenties. We had lots of chance to go out together for dinner and karaoke with our friends. Shirley is a happy, optimistic, active and city girl. I remembered she mentioned that she enjoyed city life and would like to work in office in Central District of Hong Kong, she also enjoyed shopping in downtown. That was the reason why she moved back to Hong Kong from Toronto. After she got married to my brother six years ago, she sacrificed her city life that she enjoyed in Hong Kong and stayed together with my brother in a peaceful town of Santa Rosa.

She was a gift from God to our family but now she is a gift to God. God, take care of her up there. We will miss you very much, Shirley. Our loved one leaves the world, but never our hearts.

Written by Johnson’s sister, Ada Leung