In Loving Memory of Shirley

Shirley, Shirley, Shirley, I still remember vividly the day you showed up at the house Johnson and I shared in Waterloo. I was so impressed that Johnson had met such a kind and pretty girl, with an amazing smile. You could not believe how excited Johnson was. He kept talking about you all the time right afterward. Johnson was right. You were such a special girl. Despite all the challenges you had gone through, you were always calm with lots of grace. Your smile really soothed out people's pain.

Throughout the years, I have got to know you very well as a great friend as well as the wife of my close friend. You shared my worries and gave me advices to my love problems. We had so many gatherings together back in Toronto. You, Johnson, Wilson, Michelle, and I had a road trip to Boston together. We joked around through out the trip and had so much fun. I remember the day you and Johnson got married. Garry, Gloria, and I flew up from the Bay Area. You were the prettiest. The joy was radiating. Of course, I will never miss the great parties you and Johnson hosted. You were always there to make sure that things were well taken care of and that every guest was enjoying. There were endless amount of fond memories we shared together.

I will always remember the day you departed. It seemed like just another sunny day. However, my world is no longer the same after that day. I am very sad that I will never see you again. I will miss you dearly. On the other hand, despite your short stay in the world, you have made a difference to my life and touched many others. You endured all the pain and gave birth to a great girl. Shirley, you will always be in our mind.