In Loving Memory of Shirley

Love, purity, strength – those are words that come to mind when I remember Shirley. We remember Shirley by how she touched each of our lives - and, most notably, how she touched the lives of Johnson, and now, baby Carina.

Those who know Johnson understand all that Shirley brought to Johnson’s life. She was his pillar. Working with Johnson, we all joked that we could always tell when Shirley was traveling, for those were the days Johnson would go out to lunch with us – every other day when Shirley was home, she would prepare Johnson a home-cooked lunch.

A friend of ours, Lisa Garvin, remembers the times when Shirley was traveling to the Middle East for business, and Johnson would really miss Shirley. Lisa told Johnson that if he really wanted to impress Shirley, he should clean up the house for her so that when Shirley comes home from her trip, she would not need to pick up. One of Shirley’s trips, Johnson did this to surprise Shirley. When Shirley came home, she so surprised by Johnson’s efforts that she thought he must have done something wrong!

Johnson, Shirley can see you and Carina now, and she is so proud of you. Proud of the love and strength that you have shown – fighting for her and caring for Carina. Shirley’s love, purity, and strength live on through you and Carina.