In Loving Memory of Shirley

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Shirley

Although it was more than 8 years ago that Shirley was married to my cousin Johnson, I have not known her as well as others. Shirley and Johnson moved to California as soon as they got married. However, I have nothing but the fondest of memories of Shirley and regret not being able to attend this funeral ceremony.

Shirley was a wonderful person who indeed was mindful of others. We could never forget Shirley’s loving and pleasant smile when our family visited Shirley and Johnson’s home in California back in six years ago. The warmth and hospitality which she gave to us was always missed. I could still recall that precious luncheon we had with Shirley and Johnson and Connie and Rene at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. We were talking about how great the meal was but something was missing – we haven’t had any fruits to eat for a couple of days. As we chatted so happily, Shirley stepped away from the restaurant quietly and very soon came back to us with lots of fresh oranges. What a gift of thoughtfulness Shirley has in her character!!! She could just anticipate the needs of others even without asking.

Shirley, you have truly touched the lives of everyone you came in contact with in a very special way. I know you are now at peace in heaven and is in a better place free from suffering and pain. You are watching over us - smiling for all the love and support extended by your loved ones, and knowing that you were and are truly loved and will live on in the hearts and minds of all who knew you.

As my heart and deepest condolence goes out to Johnson and baby Carina, may God grant all of you the peace and joy of the memories she has brought to us all, and all that had the pleasure of having her in their lives.