In Loving Memory of Shirley

My Dearest Shirley (my beloved wife):

You are the most beloved person in my whole life. I am very fortunate to have had you in my life.

You are a beautiful woman. I was immediately attracted by your beauty when I first met you 13 years ago. After knowing you for some time, I notice that your internal beauty is even more than your external beauty. You are a wonderful wife. Every night when I came home, I would have high expectations to the dinner that you are preparing. It is always very delicious, with lots of thoughts and love inside. Every time I introduce you to my friends, I feel very proud. I feel like I am showing off my wife to others.

You are a very sincere person. You always care about your parents, your sister Mandy, and your friends. You are helpful to others, generous, non-selfish, and are indeed a very true person. I learnt a lot from you.

In your job career, you always learnt things very quickly, and worked very efficiently. Your bosses in Canada, Hong Kong, and US all give you high appreciation. Unfortunately, every time when you settled on a job with career advancement opportunity, fate will move you to another place to live. Otherwise, your career will be even more fruitful.

Shirley, I know that you love me very much. You gave up your career and metropolitan lifestyle in Hong Kong, and came to United States to live with me in a small town Santa Rosa. You took care of all the housework and made the place warm and feel home. Every time I couldn’t find something in the house, I will just say “Shirley, Shirley”. Then the thing will be found. I don’t know who I can rely on now that I am without you.

I remember at the time I was unemployed, my mood was very bad. I was unhappy most of the time. Every day I had to drag you to go out and walked with me in the neighborhood for an hour. You were very patient to listen to all of my complaints. I can’t imagine how I can live through those days without you.

All the very simple activities that we have had together, including shopping, buying grocery, cooking, dining out, etc. will only remain as precious memory in my mind.

As a couple, we cope with each other very well. We both like to eat seafood, sushi, travel to different places, be cautious on spending, etc. I know that you would like to travel around the world and write tour books when we retire. I am sorry that your wish cannot be fulfilled anymore.

During your nine-month pregnancy, you talked to the baby, sang to her, and read stories to her a lot. I know that you are going to be a good mother. I don’t understand why God is so cruel, and let you leave the world without seeing your baby even once.

I will put your love to the baby, plus my love to you, and super-impose all this love completely to Carina. When she grows up, she will become what you give to her Chinese name – have a kind heart, and be a thoughtful person.

Let me give your final word to your family:

  • Mom and Dad, I really envy you. You two can live together for so many years. Johnson and I are not that fortunate. I wish you two can live happily for the rest of your lives.
  • Mandy, you have to be mature and take care of yourself. Your sister cannot remind and take care of you anymore.
  • Johnson, my dear husband, I am not going to worry about you. You need to take good care of Carina, and grow her into a kind, useful person

Shirley, there are still thousands of words and thousands of love tears to follow. I really, really, really don’t want to be apart from you. You will have eternal life and rest in peace in heaven. I wish we will meet some time again. Take care, goodbye! I love you!

Your beloved husband,