In Loving Memory of Shirley

I've known Shirley since she married Johnson and moved to Santa Rosa. Shirley and Johnson are the first married couple among our friends and they had a beautiful house. Shirley loved to have friends over to their home; she made it warm and inviting to all friends; everyone enjoyed her hospitalities. We had many memorable parties there. We celebrated Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, as well as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and friends' birthdays. Shirley was an excellent hostess. She provided good food and good company; she made everyone felt comfortable and had a good time.

Over the years, Shirley and I became closer friends. We shared skin care tips, fashion ideas, and compared notes on beauty products. When I got married two years ago, we had a Cantonese Wedding Banquet. Shirley shared with me stories of her wedding and gave me a lot of advises on the traditional cantonese wedding customs, such as how to arrange seating of relatives, how to perform tea ceremony, when to change dresses during the banquet, etc. I truly appreciate her kindness and her friendship.

Shirley and I have a lot in common. We are the same age, we grew up in the same region in Southern China. We grew up listening to the same pop music and watching the same TV shows. We even have the same favorite Rock band called Beyond. We would sing Beyond's classics in Karaokes. Neither of us were good at singing, but that didn't bother us. We rocked every word and every note, and enjoyed every moment of it.

It's still difficult for me to believe that Shirley has gone. Sometimes I wonder if it is a terrible dream. It hurts so deeply to loose a friend in such a tragic and unexpected way. I can only hope that, in time, the hurt will fade, only to be replaced by positive memories that soothe the soul.

Shirley, may you rest in peace. We love you, and we will deeply miss you.

Your friend,