In Loving Memory of Shirley

Goodbye to beautiful shirley
her cooking,
her dress,
her style,
her jokes,
her voice,
inspires me always

the first time we met
I immediately noticed
her uniqueness
just by looking at her
from the back in the kitchen
during my talk with her
I heard people call her shirley
shirley, sounds familiar
isn't that johnson's wife

she taught me
how to cook steam fish
how to not to burn
the soy sauce with hot oil
she is adventurous to
mix different ingredients
she can easily cook
a whole table of delicious meal
in no time

she always surprises me
with her so many designer clothes
and designer shoes
i remember see her
in red high heels
in the super market
standing out like
an actress from the movie

her traveling experience
is way above girls in her age
she is girl of wide interest and independence
she can always offer friend
her unique perspective
with her broad experience

at some moment
she can be reserve and quiet
but do not underestimate her
she can really
catch every one's attention
she has a talent to
do public speech
in front of huge group of people
she has the innate ability
to give intelligent and witty talk
and share a good time with everyone

shirley is one of class
the combination of
beauty, intelligence, and practicalities
the balance of traditional and international charm
the leader of her time and age group

shirley, in your life
you have loved and given your love
you lived a fulfilling and truthful life
you gained respect and faith from your peers
you impacted people around you
with your elegance and charm

you are gone so suddenly
leaving a beautiful baby girl behind
leaving a immeasurable void in your family and friends
how to make sense of all this

in this world
this is our last meeting
in the next world
can we meet again

in this universe
we arrive unexpected
we exit in our own course
one thing we cannot ask
is for anything to last forever
but perhaps
we can make meaning of what we have had
that is our love and memory

shirley, thank you for living in our life
thank you for your love
we love you and miss you always