In Loving Memory of Shirley

This is Beili Yang. I am currently in Spain, and unable to say good-bye to Shirley in person. I would like to share my wonderful memories about Shirley through this message.

I first met Shirley after after she and Johnson got married. Because several friends and I missed their wedding in Toronto, Shirley made a delicious full course home cooking for us. I was amazed that this beautiful lady can cook too. No wonder Johnson spent some much time on driving just to see her when they first dated.

Soon after their marriage, they bought a house in Santa Rosa. Later, friends referred their house as the default party place because they liked to invite friends over and have dinner parties at their place. Shirley always cooked good meals for us, and invited us to come over and over. I still remember the Christmas party at their house, and we tried to steal gifts from each other. In addition, the BBQ oysters dinner. All these are wonderful memories. Of course, it includes the mango pudding Shirley made for her guests at her baby shower...

Shirley was not only a good cook with great hospitality, she was also a world traveler. She has been to many places in Europe, as well as Afica. She and I often talked about traveling. In fact, we have talked about my current trip in Spain. She said she liked Spain, especially Barcelona. I will find out if I like it soon.

Growing up in Hong Kong, Shirley had been my point of reference when I need information about Hong Kong. For example, places to visit, finding good food, good shopping areas, etc.

Shirley, my good friend. I will always remember you, especially your hospitality, great cooking, and traveling experience.

Beili Yang