In Loving Memory of Shirley

As Sharon and I think back, for the time that we have known Shirley, it was difficult to remember her without Johnson by her side.

We remember the wonderful parties that she organized. Shirley was so warm and inviting, and we know that she did a lot of work to ensure that everyone was having a great time…and we did.

And we remember how Shirley took care of Johnson after “one more shot”.

We remember when we went skiing and I got her stuck on a slope that was too advanced for her. She kept her good spirit and made the most out of it by getting a free ride down on a snowmobile.

We remember staying at Johnson & Shirley’s place on several occasions. Not only were we grateful that they welcome us into their home. But it was such a comfort to just chat and hang out with them. And most of all, we were honored that we get to taste some of Shirley’s wonderful cooking.

But our fondest memory of Shirley is when she visited us the day before Sharon left for Taiwan. We recall how she lit up, the moment we start to talk about the baby. You can see the sparkle in her eye, her great big smile as she gently touched her tummy. She was truly overfilled with joy. And we recall, when she touch her tummy and told Carina “Your mommy loves to travel & of course, I will take you & Daddy to Taiwan to visit.”

Shirley, we’ll always remember you.. you will live on in our hearts and in our mind. And you left us with one little princess, Carina, whom will keep on carrying your journey and spirit.

Sharon & Frank