In Loving Memory of Shirley

On behalf of my family & I, I extend my deepest sympathy to you in the passing of your wife, Shirley.

Shirley was always a cheerful, thoughtful, considerate, generous, and caring young lady. In the years I have known Shirley, I have found her to be an excellent listener who cares deeply about you. Shirley always speaks from the heart and you feel yourself to be a wiser and better person for having the privilege of receiving her advice.

We will all miss Shirley profoundly. No words can express the loss all of us feel.

Although Johnson and Shirley's baby daughter, Carina, will never know her mother... she will learn much about Shirley's legacy of kindness and love from Johnson, family, and friends. Shirley's spirit lives on in her daughter and may we all cherish her as a living reminder of the beauty and love Shirley has brought into this world.

Shirley, you will forever be cherished in our hearts and in our memory. You will never be forgotten. We are all fortunate and blessed that you shared a part of your life with us. Your gentle spirit will be with us forever.

With deepest sympathy to Johnson & family,

Stephen Lau & family